Narrative Interventions Conference Schedule

The conference is fast approaching and we now have a schedule of the day’s events.  You’ll find below a PDF file containing all the pertinent information about Friday’s Welcome night along with a list of panels for Saturday, complete with paper abstracts.

We’ll be starting bright and early at 9:00 (registration for panelists begins at 8:30) Two morning panels will be followed by a lunch of sandwiches and salads; we’ll pick things up in the afternoon with two more panels before the keynote address at 5:00.

There are still spaces available for Friday evening’s Indigenous Walking Tour with Jamie Koebel. Those interested can RSVP at We will be meeting at 6pm on the corner of Elgin Street and Lisgar Stree by the Human Rights Monument. Cost: $15

Narrative Interventions Information Package


Dr. Charmaine Nelson: Narrative Interventions Keynote Speaker

Keynote Address:

Dr. Charmaine Nelson, Associate Professor of Art History, Department of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University

March 5th, 5:00 – 6:00pm, Dunton Tower 2017

Title of Address:

“She got out of a garret window by the help of a ladder”: Examining the Representation of Enslaved African Females in the Art and Fugitive Slave Advertisements of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Canada and Jamaica.


Within the context of Trans Atlantic Slavery, the term Negro/black, prolifically used to signify people of African descent, also became conflated with the legal status of the slave. However, the term as a colonial imposition, homogenized a population, which was extremely diverse in terms of ethnicity, birth origins, language, cultural practice, and social custom. This lecture seeks to understand the process of creolization for the enslaved in a temperate (Canadian) and tropical (Jamaican) slave colony and will ask how enslaved Africans became African-Canadian and African-Jamaican respectively. Beginning with the premise that fugitive slave advertisements were “portraits” (although extremely dubious ones) of the enslaved, this lecture combines an art historical examination of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century fugitive slave advertisements with genre studies (images of human activity) of black slaves to begin to recuperate the ethnicity, regional origins, individuality, and humanity of enslaved blacks and to examine the process and visual representation of creolization within the Trans Atlantic context of (British) Canada and Jamaica. Since fugitive slaves were more likely to be males, the advertisements shed less light on the lives of enslaved African females. However, I shall begin to excavate information about the identities, experiences, representation, and cultural practices of enslaved black females in Nova Scotia and Quebec.

Information about our Keynote Speaker:

 Dr. Charmaine Nelson, Associate Professor of Art History, Department of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University (Montreal, CANADA),

Charmaine Nelson is an Associate Professor of Art History at McGill University (Montreal). Her research and teaching interests include postcolonial and black feminist scholarship, Trans Atlantic Slavery Studies, and Black Diaspora Studies. Her scholarship examines Canadian, American, European, and Caribbean art and visual culture. She has made ground breaking contributions to the fields of the Visual Culture of Slavery, Race and 3 Representation, and Black Canadian Studies. Her research and teaching explore various genres of so-called high, low, and popular art forms including TV, film, photography, prints, sculpture, dress, portraiture, still life, nudes, and landscape art. Nelson has published five books including the co-edited volume Racism Eh?: A Critical Inter-Disciplinary Anthology of Race and Racism in Canada (2004), the edited volumes Ebony Roots, Northern Soil: Perspectives on Blackness in Canada (2010) and Legacies Denied: Unearthing the Visual Culture of Canadian Slavery (2013) and two single-authored books entitled The Color of Stone: Sculpting the Black Female Subject in

Nineteenth-Century America (2007), and Representing the Black Female Subject in Western Art (2010). Her sixth book Slavery, Geography, and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Marine Landscapes of Montreal and Jamaica (Ashgate Publishing UK, forthcoming 2016) delivers one of the first Slavery Studies books to juxtapose temperate and tropical slavery and the first such comparative work in Art History. Her seventh book, Towards an African-Canadian Art History: Art, Memory, and Resistance (forthcoming 2016), includes chapters on the representation of black subjects in Canadian art and black Canadian artists from the eighteenth century to the present. It will be the first book to formalize the field of African Canadian Art History. Nelson has held several prestigious fellowships and appointments including a Caird Senior Research Fellowship,

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK (2007), a Fulbright Visiting Research Chair, University of California – Santa Barbara (2010), and a Visiting Professorship at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Department of Africology (2011). She was also awarded a Woman of Distinction Award from the Montreal’s Women’s YWCA in 2012 (Arts and Culture Category).

Two Weeks Until Conference Weekend!

The 4th AHGSS Conference is right around the corner! Narrative Intervention takes place March 4th-5th 2016. Join us first for our Welcome Event on Mar. 4th at 6:00 including an Indigenous Walking Tour and curator talk with Alexandra Kahsenni:io Nahwegahbow at Âjagemô.

Saturday March 5th will start bright and early with registration and panels from 8:30-4:00, followed by a keynote address by Dr. Charmaine Nelson, McGill University. See below for more details and an abstract of Dr. Nelson’s talk.

Narrative Interventions Informaiton PDF

Narrative Interventions Keynote and Welcome Event

conference cover photoThe 4th Annual Graduate Student Conference is fast approaching and AHGSS is pleased to announce our keynote speaker and welcome event schedule:

Join us on Friday March 4th 2016 for an Indigenous Walking Tour in downtown Ottawa with Jamie Koebel, followed by a guest tour of “Temporal Re-Imaginings” at Âjagemô with curator Alexandra Kahsenni:io Nahwegahbow.

$15 cash at the door


Location: Human Rights Monument on the corner of Elgin and Lisgar Streets.

please RSVP at as space is limited. Open to Non-Panelists

We are also pleased to welcome our keynote speaker Dr. Charmaine Nelson from McGill University.  Dr. Nelson is an accomplished author and is the recipient of several prestigious fellowships and appointments. Her research on nineteenth-century landscapes of Montreal and Jamaica as products of colonial discourse and imperial geography is the most recent of several valuable contributions to the fields of Race and Representation, the Visual Culture of Slavery, and Black Canadian Studies.

Saturday March 5th, 2016


Carleton University, Dunton Tower room 2017

AHGSS Bake Sale- December 2nd 2015

With Christmas right around the corner, AHGSS is please to announce its very first fundraising activity of the year. All proceeds from this bake sale will be donated to the Ottawa Community Immigration Services Organization. You can come buy your sweet treats and contribute to a great cause on December 2nd from 11:00- 2:30 (or whenever we run out of goodies!) in the St. Patrick’s Building 4th floor lobby.


Flux and Flow Conference Schedule

We now have an official schedule for Flux and Flow on March 28. We are very excited to hear these papers and engage in stimulating discussions afterwards.

Everyone is welcome! Come and support graduate student research from across the country!

Flux & Flow: Explorations of Movement and Change Program

8:30AM – Registration

9:00AM – Welcome Speech by President and Conference Co-Chairs


Alternative Appropriations and the Physicality of Movement

Moderated by: Rebecca Sullivan



“Dance We Must”: Primitivism and Appropriation in Ted Shawn’s Invocation to the Thunderbird


Technological Encounters: Motorized Travel and Contemporary Inuit Identity in the Art of Tim Pitsiulak


Creative Interventions in the Circulation of Materials and Bodies

Moderated by: Margaret Bennetto



Imag(in)ing the Kievan Kagan: Material Culture and the Self-Fashioning of Imperial Identity, c.980-1054


Circulation Interrupted

– Refreshment Break –


Relationship to Land | Alternative Models for Contemporary Art

Moderated by: Hannah Keating



Fungiculture in Contemporary Time-Based Art


Home Away from Home: Reclaiming North America as Indigenous Space, History and Identity

 12:25PM-1:00PM Lunch Performance at CUAG



Art as a Political Tool for Democratization and Globalization

Moderated by: Leanne Gaudet



The Monumentality of Absence: The Goddess of Democracy and Her Legacy


Calligraffiti: The Script of the Protesters



Transforming Institutions: Development and Progress

Moderated by: Brittany Watson



The Salvage Paradigm: Then and Now, The Changing Display of Indigenous Art in Canadian Institutions


Hyperlinking the Physical: The Objective Correlative in the Gallery


Curating Liminal Spaces: Relational Aesthetics in Occupied Palestine

Flux and Flow Conference and Keynote

The Art History Graduate Students’ Society is pleased to host the third annual Graduate Student Conference, Flux & Flow, a one-day interdisciplinary graduate student conference that will explore manifestations of movement and change in art. Movement and change are qualities inherently found in art and its history; an exploration of their application across disciplines will provide an opportunity for thought provoking discussions on movement, both as a form of expression and as an agent for change. The theme of movement can apply to the development of artistic styles and philosophies, the migration of ideas and peoples, transformations of social and political realities, as well as the shifts in innovations that result from these interesting cultural exchanges. Furthermore, the theme of movement responds to the productive work of diasporic studies, thus promising a fruitful engagement with notions of migration, cultural shifts, personal transformations and identity.

Join us on March 28th for a day of interdisciplinary papers and a lunchtime performance by The Jess(i)es! See the poster and Facebook event page for more details.

Conference Poster

Our keynote address will take place the night before (March 27) from 7-10 pm in the Carleton University Art Gallery.

Jesse Stewart is a composer, visual artist, and professor of music at Carleton University. Don’t miss out on what is sure to be a dynamic and inventive keynote address!

Keynote Poster

SweetHeARTS 50/50 Silent Art Auction

The time has come ladies and gentlemen! You are all cordially invited to our SweetHeARTS 50/50 Silent Art Auction! Presented by AHGSS and supported by SSAC, this event is bound to be a blast! Come and enjoy some great company, bid on some beautiful art, and support both local artists and the Art History Graduate Students’ Society’s upcoming conference, “Flux and Flow.”

SweetHeARTs Silent Art Auction will take place Wednesday February 11th from 7:00PM-10:00PM at 1125@Carleton in the Human Computer Interaction Building.
To RSVP to this event, please click on the following link:
Alternatively, you may follow AHGSS on Facebook, learn about us and click ‘attend’ on the SweetHeARTs Silent Art Auction event on our page:

Please share with friends and family – all are welcome to attend, so bring a friend and join us this Valentine’s for a bid, a bite and a drink!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.41.27 AM

You can find 1125@Carleton at 5110 Human Computer Interaction Building (HC) at Carleton University.
1125 Colonel By Drive, K1S 5B6. It is adjacent to the Visualization and Simulation Building, located at the corner of campus between University Drive and Library Road. See the campus map below with building code “HC.”
The Human Computer Interaction Building can be accessed directly from  ‘parking lot #1’ and offers ‘Pay and Display’ parking and text-to-park service
For more information about Carleton parking services you can visit their website:
More maps and information about parking can be found at the bottom of the “contact us” page for 1125@Carleton.
Please refer below for a Carleton campus map, a larger map image of the HCI building, and a picture of the outside of the building,

campus mapHCI map HCI building

Future Funder 2014-15

To all our peers, colleagues, supporters, and friends, AHGSS would like to thank you for all of your support this past year! Our successful Future Funder campaign last year helped raise money for our 2nd annual graduate conference and exhibition, Access/Restriction. The event was a huge success thanks to all of the people who helped support our growing society and was a wonderful chance for our MA students to connect with the local arts community and gain experience curating and presenting research in public.

AHGSS is a growing society and our upcoming conference, Flux and Flow, is going to be an even bigger event. This means we need your charitable donations to help make it happen! We are happy to announce that musician, visual artist, activist, and Carleton professor Jesse Stewart will be our keynote speaker this year and will also present a collaborative performance piece. Your dollars go towards the costs associated with our keynote, rental fees, refreshments, etc.

This year we are aiming to raise $2000 to help make Flux and Flow an exciting and engaging conference. All charitable donations are tax free and it’s a great way to give a little extra this holiday season. Any denomination will make Flux and Flow a great success!

Please see the Future Funder website for further details on how to donate today!

AHGSS Holiday Bake Sale

Dearest friends and colleagues, it is time to take a break from your papers and remember that the holidays are just around the corner! Come and give your tastebuds a preview and get your creative juices flowing on December 3rd at the AHGSS Holiday Bake Sale! All proceeds will support our forthcoming conference. Follow the smell and the cheer to the fourth floor of St. Pats between 11:30 and 2:30.

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