The Art History Graduate Students Society (AHGSS) provides students with opportunities of engagement and dialogue within the Carleton University Art History Department. Its establishment also enables the AHGSS students a voice that can be heard across campus, facilitating interdisciplinary communication between themselves, colleagues, and faculty members. Not only does the society present its members with a valuable, academic setting, but it promises to enhance their student life and make their graduate studies an enriching experience.

Benefiting from its capital advantage, the AHGSS endeavours to foster close, working relationships with other artistic and cultural institutions in Ottawa and neighbouring cities.


Executive Committee 2016-2017:
President: Sarah Fox
Vice-President:  Emily Putnam
Treasurer: Nicola Krantz
Secretary: Katie Kendall
Social Media Coordinator: Jessie Gamarra, Katie Kendall and Rachel Neilson
GSA Councillor: Jessie Gamarra

Please contact us at ahgss.carleton@gmail.com if you have any questions or require further information.

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Header Image: Margo Bennetto (MA Class of 2015), Untitled (Art Battle), acrylic, 2014
You can see more of her art here: http://margobennetto-artworks.blogspot.ca/